Members Benefits

As a member of the Federation of Catholic Teachers, you would be eligible for many benefits.  The list below outlines some of the current benefits.  

These benefits are for UNION MEMBERS ONLY! 


The most important benefit of belonging to any union is the voice that you gain in the collective bargaining process.  Only the union member has a vote in determining the terms and conditions of employment that affect all.  Your contract spells out the advances that have been won for teachers in the areas of salary, working conditions, longevity, leaves, grievances, health benefits and more.  


One of the most important protections offered to members is the counsel that is provided in grievance and arbitration situations.  Without a union, enforcing teacher rights could cost an individual thousands of dollars. 


All Members receive an informative newsletter, The Union Catholic Teacher


Union Members’ families are eligible to collect a $7,000 benefit in the event of a member’s death.  The member must have been in good standing for at least twelve consecutive months.  


Many valuable discounts are available to Members at a tremendous savings, such as:  major appliances, stereo equipment, most major brand appliances, televisions, dryers, washing machines, video and audio equipment, etc.   


The program offers discounts on Entertainment (theme parks, movie tickets), Theatre & Events (Broadway), shopping with major retailers (too many to list!) and travel. 


Discounts are available to Union Members from several rental car companies. 


Union Plus Health Savings offers a great financial cure for members looking to save money on health care costs.  Union members and their families in the same household can reduce out-of-pocket expenses for a variety of health care services as soon as they join.  There are three packages available that can save you money on physician and hospital care, labs, x-rays, MRIs, dental care, retail and mail order prescriptions, vision care, foot and ankle care, hearing care and diabetic supplies.  It also offers a Nurse Helpline.  

General Vision Services offers three packages to our members and their families through OPEIU, Local 153.  These packages can save you money on eye exams, eyeglasses and contact lenses.

Union Plus Health Savings (see description of plan in the Vision section of this letter) 


Through our affiliation with OPEIU, Local 153, FCT Members and their families are able to take advantage of many Union Plus programs that offer discounts on:  Money & Credit (credit cards, loans, mortgage & real estate, credit counseling), Insurance Deals (pet, accident, auto, retiree health), Health & Well Being (health savings, health club discounts), Education Services (scholarships, college planning), Auto Advantages (motor club-roadside assistance, Goodyear tires, auto buying), House & Home (mortgage & real estate, home heating oil, moving), Legal Resources, Everyday Savings (flowers, clothing, entertainment--theme parks, movie tickets & rentals, Broadway tickets, sports, museums), Travel & Recreation (car rentals, hotels, cruises), Computers & Tech (internet, AT&T Wireless, Dell computers), and more.